COVID-19 Travel Advisory into New York

Posted by James on Aug 24, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Rules for entering new york state - August 2020




As of Thursday, June 25, 2020 New York State has implemented a 14-day quarantine on anyone arriving from a state with a significant degree of community-spread infection. Furthermore, all out-of-state travelers from designated states must complete the State Department of Health traveler form upon entering New York.

Travelers who are coming into New York from the airport will be greeted by the enforcement team upon disembarking and will be required to complete the health traveler form. If you leave the airport without completing the form, you will be subject to a $2,000 fine and may be brought to a hearing and ordered to complete mandatory quarantine. Travelers coming to New York from designated states through other means of transport, including trains and cars, must fill out the form online.

You can find the most updated list of designated states for required quarantine from the following link.

At Crossover, the health and safety of our residents is of utmost importance. Therefore; we will check with any prospective new tenants of their previous location prior to New York State. Any new tenants coming from those states that require mandatory 14 day quarantine will not immediately move into apartments with existing tenants. Instead, we will work closely with them in providing them alternate arrangements until they have completed their 14 day quarantine period. 


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