Private Workspaces

Posted by James on Nov 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM

having Your own private workspace




With the coronavirus pandemic still around us, most companies are still adopting some sort of remote work option for its employees. However in New York City that can be a bit of a challenge. New York City  may be the centre of business, entertainment and culture, but its downside includes high rent, rush hour trains and lack of spacious housing and workspace.

Imagine that you are remote working in your one bedroom apartment in New York and you can hear your partner or children attending class, and having back to back online meeting online in the other room. As you try do your best to finish that report by this afternoon, they asked you if you have seen the TV remote control. At what stage do you separate your personal and professional life?

It is clear that people do not always want to work from home, and would like access to a private workspace closer to their home so they can concentrate on their work or just enjoy some peace and quiet time. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for workspaces closer to an employee's home especially in large cities such as New York, Tokyo and London where space is a scarcity.

A number of New York's office and private accomodation providers are now providing access to their workspaces and rooms. From as little as $20 per day you can get your own private workspace and these workspaces are located closer to many residential areas so that you won't need to catch public transport and are within a few minutes walk from your home.

This allows the employees to have a work and life separation, work with minimal interruptions and get some fresh air commuting a few minutes to your private workspace without feeling locked in your own home or having to endure a long hour commute to your office.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!