Top 5 To-Dos Post Covid-19 (CrossOver Edition)

Posted by Christina on May 13, 2020 12:45:00 PM

All of you, including us are probably excited for the day we can comfortably step outside and interact with other people. There are so many choices but here are our top 5 points for your post quarantine checklist:

  1. Experience New York like never before: Quarantine and social distancing must have put New York city at the back of our mind. Thus, this is number one on our list since we guarantee NYC will feel a whole lot different. We hope to see all of your instagram modeling pics about roaming around and loving NYC more than ever (and the METRO will finally be cleaned more often, we hope!) Tag us #crossovercoliving so we can be a part of your adventure!
    Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan skyline in New York City.
  2. Socializing: We guarantee you’re probably making plans to meet your friends and those whom you couldn’t see during social distancing season. Guessing you’re making that schedule with whom to hang out with right now :) All the delicious cuisines that make New York New York will finally be ready for your tummies :D
  3. Upgrading hygienes: Ok, we know this sounds weird but after the cover-19 season, we all can see the importance of living a healthy and clean life.( Yes we know NYC while being the best might not be the cleanest as mice is an “unforgettable” part of NYC) but In order to avoid another covid-19, it is important that we all stay safe.
  4. Increase Savings: Of course, this is a given considering not all of us can maintain our normal income during emergency. Having a plan-B funds will help you out a lot in difficult situations like covid-19. While it might not be easily doable for everyone, even a dollar every day will make a difference.
  5. Getting in touch with us for exclusive discounts: We understand that now is a difficult time for everyone. We’re excited to offer discounts and customized promotion ($550 could be yours). Shoot CrossOver a message at for extra information!

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